Late French Immersion

LFI A summary of Research and other Factors regarding Multi Age Classrooms

Background to Multi Age Configurations in SD48

Registration for Grade 5 Late Immersion in Whistler will take place on February 21, 2020 at 8:00 am at Spring Creek Community School office.

Late Immersion begins in grade 5 and accepts 9 & 10 year-olds who have successfully completed Grade 4.   Fr Imm Registration package – SCCS

  • in Grade 5 & 6, the majority of the BC curriculum is taught in French (emphasis is on oral French).
  • English Language Arts are re-introduced in Grade 7, while other subjects continue to be taught in French.
  • The program continues into the high schools throughout the Sea to Sky School District.

French Immersion is a program that can offer your child:

  • A fun, effective and challenging way to learn French at an early age in a pro-social environment.
  • The opportunity to learn the same curriculum and develop the same competencies  as the regular English program, in French
  • An opportunity to participate in rich French cultural learning experiences
  • A bilingual future

Late French Immersion is intended for non-French speaking students who wish to develop a high level of proficiency in both official languages. Students enrolled in French immersion study the same BC curriculum as students in the English-language program. The major distinction between the English-language program and French Immersion is that the language of instruction and communication in the immersion component is French.

Although research has demonstrated that French Immersion is an educational model with universal application, many parents have questions that they need to have answered before enrolling their children into the program. Please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Bent, the principal, by email at to set up an appointment.

LATE FRENCH IMMERSION Parent Information Night (Feb 13) Summary

Spring Creek next year at a Glance

  • 325 students projected
  • Dual Track: likely 4 divisions of French Immersion, 10 of English.
  • Continued partnership with Ecole la Passerelle in many aspects of school life
  • Buddy classes will be English
  • Shared assemblies, in English or both.

Who should enroll in French Immersion

The TYPE of student who would do well in LFI:

works hard

likes a challenge, comfortable taking risks

likes hands-on experiences

growth mindset

inquisitive, resilient

“My friends are in French Immersion” is NOT a good reason to enroll

“I’m not a ‘good’ student” is NOT a reason NOT to enroll

“I already have to learn English as a second language” No evidence suggests this is a reason NOT to enroll (consider priorities, support of maternal language at home)

What if the parent doesn’t speak French? What does support look like then?

This is a family decision

The LFI program fits here in the big picture of learning:

  1. Competencies: learn, create and innovate, collaborate, think critically, and contribute
  2. Curriculum

Language acquisition is infused in these two pursuits.

English Language Arts: Ministry year one (gr 6) and year two (gr 7).

Class Configurations: pro-social learning environments (communities of learners), diversity is our strength. Classes will be built to support competency development and curriculum learning.


  1. FI opens one more doors for students and gives them the ability to communicate with French-speaking people, here in Canada and around the globe.
  2. It increases their appreciation of other languages and cultures as well as their own.
  3. It increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.
  4. It helps them learn other languages.
  5. It gives them a more global view of Canada and the world.
  6. It enriches travel experiences, especially to the 29 countries where French is an official language.
  7. It may have a positive impact on their intellectual growth and cognitive (the mental process by which knowledge is acquired) development.

The Registration Process

  1. Packages are available tonight, and at the school office
  2. Registration packages are accepted at 8:00 am on Friday Feb 21st in person. Registrations must be complete, and will be date/time stamped in the order they are received.
  3. Confirmation from parents in writing later this spring.
  4. Your “seat” in the program, and how it affects the English program (no one can hold both at once).
  5. All students will be waitlisted.